Does Chord ai offer an API?

We do not provide access to Chord ai technology through any API*. We solely utilize our algorithms within the Chord ai app and MusicMemos app. *API: Application Programming Interface

Is Chord ai available on Windows?

At the moment the app is only supported officially on Android and iOS. On PC, the easiest is to use screen mirroring to display your phone screen on the PC which is sometimes sufficient. It might be possible to use an Android emulator for PC but it has to handle the Google play store. A […]

Is Chord ai available on MacOS?

Chord ai is available on M chip family Macs, i.e. Mac computers with Apple silicon, including for instance the M1/M2/M3 MacBook Air/Pro, the M1 iMac and the M1/M2 Mac Studio. To download Chord ai, go to the App Store -> Search for “Chord ai” -> “iPhone and iPad Apps”. Alternatively, click the following link […]